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The Globe started life as a humble cottage, which was opened as a bed and breakfast in 1855 by Mr Thomas Owen. His daughter Mary married her sweetheart George Holland and together they set about expanding the business into a bustling colonial hotel. In 1880’s the Hollands expanded added two stories and twelve rooms. At the time it was one of the most outstanding buildings in the district!

The establishment featured two dining areas and employed cooks, maids, a yardman and a groom. The stables stood along the east fence, with a small farm nestled in behind it.

At the rear of the main building was a large washhouse with coppers, tubs and mangles – rustic country living at its best!

Beyond the clothesline was a yard for cows and a calf pen so the hotel could supply its own fresh milk, cream and butter. All bedrooms had a jug and basin sitting on the washstand, emptied and washed daily by a chambermaid.

The hotel was extended again in the mid 1880’s. From 1884 when the railway arrived in Rylstone, a ‘Sociable’ (horse and buggy) met the morning and night train to provide transport for guests and travelling salesmen.

When the street level was lowered in the 1930’s the front verandahs were lost, doors made into windows and new art deco entrances in keeping with the trends at the time.

Today, we have tried to preserve as much of this unique heritage as possible, while still providing contemporary comforts and amenities for our guests. Come and stay with us and enjoy this unique mix of old and new!






1873Thomas Owen was the first licensee
1880Prop. George A Holland was a saddler who decided upon hotel keeping
1902Prop. Mrs George Albert Holland
1909 – 1914Prop. RJ Fletcher
1931N Birnie
1957Prop. Harry Caddies
1967Prop. Cyril Wicks/Owner
1970New Proprietor William (Bill) Braithwaite
1971 – 1972June and John Beatton
1973Prop. Shirley and Eric Bloomfield
1974 – 1976Prop. Judith and Dennis King
1979Prop. Shirley Reever
1982 – 1987Prop. John and Sandra Lynch
1988Golden Jubilee Year
1988Hosts Robert and Vickie Linklater
1989Prop. Paul and Rechaelle Freeman
1991 – 1993Hosts Mike and Ella Miles
1994 – 1998Host Bob Crooks
1999 – 2005Alan and Tina Lance
2006 – 2010Peter John Garry
2011 – 2014Craig Chung
2015 – 2017Neil and Lynelle Howland
2017 –Peter Hatfield & Philip Freeman & Rosie (the border collie)


Louee Street